On the evenings of April 1 and 2, 2011, prominent buildings across North America and the world — including the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada — will turn their lights blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, April 2.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage President Obama to join in and to support World Autism Awareness day on April 2nd.



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  1. I am a father of a child with Autism — more awareness, more pro-active action needs to be done to combat Autism. The State of NJ has the highest rates in the country (1 out of roughly every 100 kids is diagnosed with Autism) — the time is NOW for our Government to really stand up and take ownership of the cause.

  2. Can you see it?
    I can… A bright, blue beacon of hope for the 1 in 110 children in the US living with autism.

    HOPE… for the 1 in 88 warrior children of active duty soldiers who live with autism.

    Light it Up Blue, People…

    We CAN make a difference. For MY daughter… for MY nephew… for EACH and EVERY PERSON who lives autism EVERY DAY.

  3. Dear Mr. President:
    My grandson,Aiden, will be in Washington D.C. with his mother to visit the Capitol for Spring Break. When asked what he would like to see or visit while in Virginia, He said,” The Capitol and see the President. Aiden was diagnois with Autism when he turned 2 years old, no speech and very difficult to communicate with us. With some of the avenues my daughter traveled she has helped Aiden who is in 2nd grade a mainstream class and doing very well. We are proud of him and my daughter for all the family has endured. And for this reason, we need that we have Our White House lite up in Blue for all those parents to know they are being supported. Aiden will be visiting the White House thanks to our Congressman in California on April 6th . He is sooo excited, but we explained the President is a very busyman he might not be there for him to see.

  4. Autism have affected so many people and yet so many are still in the dark. I am a mother of two autistc boys who will be driving over 6 hours from our home in Connecticut to see the White House on April 1st. I know how important it would mean to my boys, let alone everyone else who has been effected by autism to see The White House lite up blue.
    They have learned to associate the color blue to them. They see the blue puzzle piece and they know it is for autism. Everytime they see something like that they think it is for them. It makes them happy that people care about them and what they are dealing with.
    Please show them as well as all others who have been affected by autism that you care, that The White House cares, that their country cares.
    The small gesture of flicking a switch and having the White House lite up blue is better than any toy they could ask for.

  5. Autism does not affect only those in the spectrum and their families, but all of us. I am not in the spectrum nor are any of my relatives, but my life has most certainly been touched by many individuals in the spectrum and I am so very blessed to be able to say so. I am doing what I can to light the world blue not just for a day or two but for a lifetime. I have taken it upon myself to decorate my dormitory bulletin board for the month of April. The board will be blue and feature many facts about Autism as well as many pictures of those I know and love who are in the spectrum, but I know my board would speak louder if it was echoed by the White House also being lit up blue. Please help me and the thousands of others who know and love someone in the autism spectrum raise awareness. Please light the White House blue.

  6. I babysit for an autistic boy who does not speak. We need to speak up for him. I will be very upset if the White House doe not Light it Up Blue, especially since for the past several years they have dyed the water in the fountain green for St. Patrick’s Day.

  7. I found out about 5 months ago that my son is on the austism spectrum. I am totally lost. My biggest challenge right now, is that there is not enough professional people in my area that are capable of diagnosing, creating treatment plans, etc for children with austism. Everywheres I call there is a very lengthy waiting list that is over 1 year long. If the White House was to light it up blue then maybe with more awareness we could get more qualified people in our area.

  8. Dear Mr. President,
    Recently I heard that the White house politely said no to lighting up the White House Blue for Autism Awareness. I wonder why because it has been done before. In the past the White House was lite up pink for breast cancer, and there is talk that it will be blue for prostate cancer. If you are willing to light the house up for other causes why not Autism Awareness. I just think you can not light up for one cause and then refuse others. If it had never been done then this would not be an issue for so many.
    I have heard some talk that is is because the White House does not support Autism Speaks the organization who came up with the idea. What about the kids. 1 in every 100 kids are being diagnosed with Autism and no body knows about it. Kids are being arrested and jailed because no one knows what Autism is or how to deal with it. We need to raise awareness about Autism, what it is and that you may not even know the person has it.
    I understand your concerns with the organization if their are any, but this is about kids and adults with Autism. No money is being raised just awareness. Other Autism organizations support the idea of light it up blue as well. Please just think about the kids. My 12 year old son is one of them.

    * While many parents worry about how to handle the friendship drama of kids, I just want mine to be able to make friends.
    * While parents worry about paying for college, I wonder if my son will be able to handle it
    * While parents look forward to the day with both happiness and sadness of their child moving out, mine may not

    We have to fight for our kids everyday. The insurance companies don’t help much, the schools fight back a lot, all we are asking is for some help in raising awareness. A simple blue light bulb to start a conversation.
    Thank You,
    Pam writer of http://noguilelifeandotherstoriesfromautism.blogspot.com/

  9. I join the chorus of pleas to illuminate The White House Blue on April 2 to bring greater awareness to the worldwide struggles of autistic individuals and their loved ones as a 4 1/2 month old golden retriever pup sleeps beneath my feet. I am raising her to be a service dog for one special little boy with autism. Partnering children as early as possible with modalities that improve their chances for increased independent living skills is critically important — while a trained autism service dog is not the right solution for all, for many the benefits are immeasurable in both measurable and untold ways. This is my 7th service dog puppy raising experience and it also teaches my own children there are many creative ways to be of help to those with special needs.

  10. I too have a relative on the spectrum. Please Mr.President, light the white house blue. Kids and thier parents face so many challenges with this disability, Lighting it blue might help ease that a little. They have to deal with the insurance companies, the schools, everyday is a fight, a fight for a better life for a loved oned, a life that will be more productive when the child grows up.
    If just lighting the white house blue will help raise awareness about the cause and all that it is, PLEASE light the white house blue. It will mean the world to our families and will help other understand it better too. Do it for all those kids that need your help.

  11. Dear Mr. President,
    I have a son, named Sebastian, he is Autistic. By no means does that define him but it is a small part of what makes him our son. He was diagnosed when you where running for president. I can remember you speaking about autism during one of your debates. This was one reason why I voted for you.
    Last week PARENT magazine “overlooked” the fact that April was autism awareness month. Please don’t overlook “lighting up the night”. Please, please light the white house blue on April 1 & 2. If the white house is blue all the parents will know you too want to raise awareness.
    Many Thanks,
    Jill Cyr

  12. […] the month of April, as part of Autism Awareness Month, in addition to my Blue Light Bulb, I’ll be sharing tidbits of research that I’ve found- about kids, about interventions, […]

  13. I am the mother to a beautiful 3 year old boy. Nickolas was diagnosed PDD-NOS at the age of 19 months. No one can understand how devastating a diagnosis that is? What will people think of him? What kind of life can he have? How will we be able to help him? All of these questions and so many more flood your head and heart.

    I will do whatever I need to do to help Nickolas through each and every day of his life. I will make sure he feels loved and respected – not ridiculed and called “retarded”. Please Mr. President, this is your chance to show the world that you do care about all. Light the White House blue on April 2nd. Show my son and all others who deal with ASD that they do matter. Show them that you, Mr. President, do understand and that you support their fight!

    Thank you

  14. […] the idea started.  I first saw it on Facebook.  It might have originated at the Word Press site, Light the White House Blue for Autism. Yesterday I saw a post from Ms. Sergeant Major after AK Butler Try Defying Gravity brought it to my […]

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