I first heard about the Light It Up Blue Campaign from Autism Speaks over a year ago now. On World Autism Awareness Day last year, I was amazed by all the fantastic buildings in the metropolitan area that were lit up blue! I even got to go to see the Empire State Building being Lit up Blue in New York City! Ever since then I knew that in preparation for next year’s events I wanted to come up with a slogan that would help in spreading the awareness of lighting prominent buildings in North America up blue for April. While thinking it over it became obvious what that would be. In my head I asked myself, “Will I light it up blue?” To make others feel a personal connection to the effort I started sending emails out to friends, family, peers all asking the same question as above, “Will you light it up blue?”

The subject line would always read the same “Mom: Will you light it up blue?” “Seton Hall University (The College I currently attend): Will you light it up blue?” Email after email would be sent out asking for those individuals to dedicate a part of themselves to the Light it up Blue Campaign. As an individual with autism, I know the importance of efforts to build awareness for autism such as this one. Through this effort I encourage those to not only light their clothes and houses up blue but their lives in blue. Now, I would like to ask the same question to those at the White House.

White House: Will you Light it up Blue?

My name is Kerry, an individual on the autism spectrum with a plea: Will you light it up Blue? You may not know what this means yet, but let me tell you, it is something that will change your life and many other individuals’ lives on the autism spectrum forever. In October, I turned on my television to see The White House no longer white, but pink. After looking at this I immediately went onto my computer and searched for the meaning of what was going on. By the end of the night I learned more about Breast Cancer than I had ever known in my entire life. Some downplay the significance of what the White House has on America, but I think The White House is the symbol for America and on October 14th, Breast Cancer Awareness was on center stage for America. Will you give autism awareness that same moment on April 1st and 2nd?

White House: Will you Light it up Blue? There are still many out there who have no idea what autism is. I heard a peer on my campus a few weeks ago say that autism is a “disease.” Quite a few kids are still bullied just for being different than their peers. Sometimes the way to promote and educate those about certain things is by putting it out in the open. Will you give those individuals that education?

White House: Will you Light it Up Blue? Someone in America is diagnosed with autism every 15 minutes. 96 individuals will be diagnosed with autism in 24 hours. Will you light it up blue for one day to make the whole world aware of those individuals?

White House: Will you Light it up Blue? Autism needs a “voice” more than ever in Washington. Some random acts of kindness can go a long way towards making this world more “united.”

For those people at The White House: Will you Light it up Blue? This is my plea. I know I only am one person, but blue blood runs through my veins whenever the thought of helping someone on the spectrum comes to mind and I’m sure countless others feel the same. The rest is up to you. So White House: Will you light it up Blue?

-Kerry Magro



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  1. Kerry,

    The world needs to hear your story and the story of all who are affected by Autism. Thank you for my daughter and for anyone who struggles daily with Autism.

    I want everyone to know the special challenges and special gifts that come with having Autism and/or being on the Spectrum!

    Thank you!

  2. I am a Grandmother who live’s with MS everyday(diog.2002)Been raising my Grandson since 7/2010…He was diog. with autisum in Nov. 2010, Got him OT..etc, and is now in PreSchool for special need’s.Took alot of phone call’s, paperwork, and tear’s….and lot’s of Love, Hug’s and Prayer…But we did it he has a future and I fight every step to keep him here and safe with ME..NaNa love’s you..<3

  3. my 11 year old daughter has autism so making pepole aware is the first step towards understanding and the more we understand the sooner help and a cure will come

  4. I sent a message to the white house at the following link I pasted the article but wouldn’t all fit, so started with “White House: Will You Light It Up Blue” and pasted the rest. I also selected response requested before submitting. If thousands of people will do this, maybe it will happen!

  5. Our son will be eighteen in May. When he was three he was diagnosed with autism. As the grandmother above says, after lots of paperwork and tears throughout the years, we’ve gotten our son the best help available. He has come a long way. However, he can’t tie his shoes; he can’t bathe himself; he can’t have a conversation, he doesn’t understand money; he doesn’t understand danger. He does know love and he knows who loves him. Shortly we will go to court to be appointed his guardians when he turns 18. We love our son, but light the White House blue so others will learn what we live and so someday others won’t have to live what we have.

  6. I am a mother of a child with Autism. We would like you to Light the White House Blue! Let’s do it for everyone with autism!

  7. I hope that awareness is raised on the link between Autism and Ultrasound. We can reduce this horrible brain injury if we can raise awareness of this link.

  8. I am a mother of five with two sons are autistic. Both very different in their needs. We live in a small town and the community does not know how or what autism is. This makes it very difficult because they think that my boys are just misbehaving and they are not. We take them and do things with them because they love being boys. I wish that people had more information so that my boys have the same things that there kids have, friends. We have fought just to get them accepted and they still do not understand what they are going through. So please everyone, Light it up blue for all the children and adults with autism.

    • i am a mother too, and understand what you are talking about.

      there should be a state chapter of autism society of america. try to connect yourself with a support group. Hope this is helpful.

  9. As a speech therapist working with children with Autism and a mother of a child with PDD, I say “Light it Up Blue!!”

  10. Kerry,

    Thank you so much for your voice. As the mother of a young girl who also has autism, I pray someday that she will be writing from college, able to articulate her thoughts and to self-advocate as well as you are. It will undoubtedly be a long road, but I have faith that with people like you to help light the path ahead (along with government and communal support!), she’ll get there.

    Please listen, Mr President. Won’t you Light it Blue?

    (Diary of a Mom)

  11. What a great way to get the American people to take notice and research what’s going on! My son was diagnosed with an ASD when he was 4. He is 9 now and does really well for the most part. He is so full of life and laughter. I wouldn’t trade him for all the “normal” kids in the world!

  12. Thank you, thank you What a wonderful thing to do. I posted your article on my face book. When our hearts are aware, we will be aware of the need to light a path to put the puzzle pieces of autism together and find it’s causes. My grandson has autism so I am aware of this need.

  13. I am a mother with a 10 year old boy on the spectrum so many friend and neighbors also have children on the autistic spectrum. It is imperative to make people aware and to find the cause and most effective therapy and treatments. The single most important being education and understanding. God Bless You and let us all light it up blue

  14. I was diagnosed with autism back in 1963 but now I’m 50 years old living in an apartment in Winston-Salem and have a part time job and living independent. I hope you join me in wearing blue for autism on Saturday, April 2.

  15. I am the mother of a 21 year old son who is autistic. This nuerological disorder needs all the attention and help we can generate so PLEASE LIGHT THE WHITE HOUSE BLUE ON APRIL 1 AND 2. Your anticipated support will be forever appreciated!

  16. Kerry to you and others who have been making noise thank you, thank you. I am the mom of a seven year old son who was formally diagnosed at 3yrs. Yes I will light it up blue and and spread the word. Most definitely The White House should be lite blue to show support and spread support. Would be awesome.

  17. My beautiful 9 year old son is challenged with Autism. We have been so blessed that God has lead us one step at a time introducing us to amazing specialists and therapies. Currently we have my son on a nutritional supplement (day 110) that has opened up his world in phenomenal proportions and changed our lives with amazing hope. I know in my heart that one day we can and will find the cure. Light up BLUE and may God bless us all!

  18. I am campaigning to have my school light it up. Blue!!! I am a special education teacher for students on the spectrum

  19. Dear Kerry,
    My twin brother has Autism and I am so grateful for what you are doing! I say ” lIght it up blue”

  20. In my life until last year, I found out my youngest son was diagnosed with autism. My world turn up side down!! Tear running my face every since day thinking wat will happen to my boy. How do I explain to families and friends…. It was hard but I did it will the help of coworker, families and friends. I never knw wat blue color light is for or stand for until now. And am DAMN pledge to wear BLUE every April 1&2 so please join me and support us! U wnt knw wat it really mean to us until it hit ur home.

  21. I am a mother of a 9 year old amazing boy with
    autism and I’m running a support group of mothers with autistic kids.
    My son light me up everyday.
    Will you light it up blue for only one day?

  22. as a mother of an autistic 3 1/2 year old boy, i would love to see the white house light it up blue! there is so much for the rest of the world to learn about autism and i genuinely support your cause Kerry! thank you for giving a voice to our community!

  23. Since my son’s diagnosis 18 months ago, our lives have been a roller coaster filled with fear for our son’s future and hope for his recovery. There is nothing worse than getting a dx like this and then being told; “you’re on your own.” I was forced to reinvent myself- from financial analyst to scientific researcher- almost overnight. I consider my son’s recovery my job and it’s a huge responsibility. I watch him get closer to recovery everyday and I thank God that I did not listen when I was told that there were no other options besides traditional therapy. I have learned so much throughout this process and there absolutely are other options out there! Autism is reversible!

  24. I have 13 yr,old grandson with autism.He is the love of my life.I am very proud of the things he can do.There is so much more our kids could do if given the chance,but in order for that to happen more people have to understand it,I guess it is up to people like us to keep trying to make happen.I also contacted the White house.

  25. My handesome 9yr old son Ronald was diagnosed with Autism. He came a long way and I’m so proud of him. The greatest gift in the world!!! So I say “LIGHT IT UP BLUE MR.PRESIDENT”!!! THIS IS AWESOME KERRY, Thank you!!!

  26. Kerry, thanks for getting this message out. I really hope the White House is listening. To see it blue to support all of us would be so very awesome. I am the proud mother of a 3 year old who was just recently diagnosed. I am doing everything I can to educate my friends and family and have been encouraging them to also Light It Up Blue at their houses. Keep up your passion and your drive; you are amazing.

    Mr & Mrs Obama are you listening? Will you please Light It Up Blue at the White House. :0)

  27. I am the mom to Kayla, 20, with autism. We struggled like you Kerry, looking for services when there were not many to choose from and with schools that did not have properly trained staff to teach effectively or integrate students with autism into the fold. I am proud to support the Light it up Blue campaing to raise Autism Awareness. Awareness may lead to Services and Funding for families affected by autism and perhaps a cure. President & Mrs Obama, please Light it up Blue for Autism – for Kerry, for Kayla and all people dealing with autism!

  28. Please light the White House blue!

  29. Hi from Australia.

    As a parent of a 4 year old boy with autism, I will be lighting it up blue Down Under by cycling 527 kilometres in 24 hours to raise money for Learning for Life, an autism treatment centre. Starting 10am April 2, finishing 10am April 3!

    Great work Kerry!

  30. Thank you, Kerry! What a great letter! I hope our President will hear you, and light the White House blue for all of our families!

  31. Thank you Kerry! I join to you plea form Argentina and ask Will you light it up blue?

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  33. Kerry, You are Amazing!
    Thanks for all you do!

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