Dear Mr. President,

Will you please light up the White House in blue for World Autism Awareness Day?

My name is Wills Price, and I am thirteen years old.  I live in Los Angeles, and I have autism.

It would be very important to me, and all of us in the country who care about autism, if you would light up the White House blue because so many people don’t understand what I have.

When I was little, times were tough as I struggled a lot.  I worried about almost everything and my autism kept me from being calm.  I was sad and very scared of new people and places.

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Now that I am thirteen, I do not struggle as much.  I can now help younger kids or other people who are still struggling, and that’s what I want to do with my life.  That’s what you do with your life by making decisions that help the world.

You can help me by showing your support and joining me, my parents, and my two service dogs as we light our house blue.

If you need blue light bulbs, there is a store here on Ventura Boulevard where we can buy them for you and send them to the White House.  My mom knows how to send things by Federal Express.

It is very difficult for me to talk about how sad I was when my autism was really bad.  It might have helped if people understood my autism more.

It would touch me deep inside to think that you care enough to stand with me.

Thank you for reading my blue letter.

Your friend,

Wills Price

P.S. Please take a look at the terrible puppy mill situation when you get a chance.  Thank you.

Editors note: Wills’ mom, Monica Holloway, the author of “Cowboy and Wills” sent along this note with the blog post: “Wills just went to bed after finishing his letter.  He insisted that the letters be in blue.” Wills, you got it kid!



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  1. Good Luck Will that would be awesome!!!

    • Mr. President, Please light up the White House blue on April 1st. Autism awareness needs to be recognized around the world.

    • Wills >>> You are amazing !! My son Jonathan also has Autism and just turn 13. Your story really touched home. Just like my Jonathan, you too will teach the world to smile again !! Wills,come April 1st I have a feeling the sky will be the brightest shade of BLUE ever !!! Your letter will go far >>> !! God bless you Wills !! We will be looking froward to our Blue White House !!ox !

      Best wishes to you and yours !
      Jonathan and Mom
      Evelyn Zapata Richard

    • You did it Wills !! CONGRAZ !! You should be so proud !! Thank you for being such a big part of bringing more awareness to our Country and more ! WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY TO US ALL !! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR WONDERFUL LETTER AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU WILLS ! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY, TODAY AND EVERYDAY !! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ALL OF US !!


  2. Mr. President please light the White House blue on April 1st!

    • Please light the White House blue on Aprils 1st Mr. President!

      • April 2nd

      • This would be fantastic! (But note autism awareness day is April 2nd!)

    • President Obama Please support Autism Speaks Light the White house in Blue April 1,& 2. Be Known as a President that Makes a Difference in the United States.

  3. Wills, you are amazing! Don’t let anyone hold you back and light up the world blue!

  4. I love this idea! My son Tyler just turned three years old. He was reciently diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I love your encuragement and idea to light up the whitehouse! i posed this on my facebook, anything i can to help please let me know, and thank u!

    • My son Matteo also just turned three and has PDD-NOS. President Obama needs to light up the White House to show America he supports all of our children with Autism!

  5. My son is autistic as well and that would be awesome if the white house was lit up blue!!!:-)..alot of people dont understand the struggles that people with autism go through and as a parent of a child with autism it breaks my heart to see the tougher things in life that my son struggles with and to know that u cant fix the condition but just try to be there for that person…Hopefully one day everyone will understand and be more accepting of people with autism..

  6. You go Wills!!!!!!!!!! If not lit this year maybe next, never give up. I am the mother of an eleven yr old daughter with autism, right there with you!!!!!!!!

  7. This is the most heart touched e-mail I have ever read. GREAT JOB Wills. My family supports Autism and those who children and Adults who have Autism. My son who is 5 years old has Pervasive Development Disorder – Not Specified. We too hope more people get involved and learn about Autism and what it really is and how it effects children through adulthood.

    Mr President – Please light up the White House for ALL of our children!

    KOO-DOS Wills! Much Aloha from Hawaii!
    Jan Winner

  8. Awesome letter Wills!


  10. What a sweet and remarkable letter Wills. As a mother of a daughter with autism I knwo what a remarkable accomplishment it is.

    I along with Wills also ask President Obama to please light up the White House Blue on April 1 to support Autism Awareness.


  12. Wills, you are a gift. A true gift. I would be honored if my 3-year-old son, Jonas, who loves cows and classical music, were to grow up to be as brave, honest, and as intelligent as you.

    Mr. President,

    Please light the White House blue on April 2nd and raise awareness for autism. Raise awareness for Wills, and for my Jonas, and for all the other children and adults affected by autism.

    Stand with us.

  13. Wow…. I loved this letter… Our Son is 8 and is working very hard on communication…Please help spread this important message… Thank u Wills you have touched our hearts and gave me something to look forward to… To be able to express how u feel and felt in the past… Very Proud of you and keep up the good work! sounds like u have come a LONG way! ;^)

  14. Please, Mr. President, light the White House up Blue! Shine a light on this that so many know so little about. Connor, my autistic son, and our family thank you. Please make this happen.

  15. Please light it up blue, Mr. Obama, for Wills and everyone who believes in making a difference.

  16. So so beautiful. What an amazing, bright and thoughtful son you have, Monica. Wills is a super terrific kid and I hope Obama honors his request. But he may be asking you to stop at the store and pick up some bulbs. :-))

  17. Yes please light the White House blue on April 1st! I have 2 grandsons with Autism and they could use all the support you can give!! Our family and friends are going to light up our house Blue,so we would be honored if you would do the same!!

  18. What a great letter, Wills! That took a lot of courage to write, and I’m VERY impressed. I can tell that you love animals a lot. I have a 13 year old son who loves animals also. We, too, have a service dog, and we have a cat and some fish.

    Your letter was VERY well written, and I am going to go find some blue light bulbs and light my house up blue too. I am also dying my hair blue, since I have three children with autism.

    President Obama, PLEASE light the White House Blue on April 1st. Let all these kids who struggle with this disorder, and the parents who struggle with them, that they’re not alone, that someone is standing with them, that there is someone OUTSIDE the autism community that understands our hardships and supports us. Thank you.


  19. Please light the White House blue!!! And everyone else please light your houses blue too!!!

  20. Good Afternoon
    Please light up the white house with blue lights on April 1 and 2th
    Are you home those days.
    You had green water for Saint Patrick Day and you have lit up the white house with Purple lights for epispley, Please excuse the spelling. We have a hard enough time explaining Autism
    with you lighting up the house.
    You show that you understand
    Thank You
    Kim Grindle

  21. This child is amazing. My brother has autism and this child has made us want to light up our home blue, encourage our friends and family to light their homes blue, and now encourage Mr. President to light up his home blue. Please, it is a great cause and we need to get to word out to someday stop Autism forever.

  22. Dearest Wills,
    Your letter touched my heart! It made me cry, but in a very good way. I am pleased that you have progressed and have learned how to better handle your Autistic symptoms. I truly believe that you will go VERY far in life, and become someone we can all learn from. I hope your cause, as mine, will come true!!!!
    I don’t believe that the best Author’s in this world could have written a more beautiful letter.


  23. Dear Wills,

    What a great letter. My daughter has autism too, and like you, she is doing so much better then she used to. I am so glad you feel good now, and I love that you want to help other kids. You are very inspiring!


  24. Loved the book, love the letter!! That would be awesome to turn the White House BLUE for Autism day!!!

  25. Will you are truly an inspiration for us all. You are a true testiment that autism does not define you and that dreams and miracles exist. We are in with you all the way in your fight for autism awareness and a fight for a cure.

    Our son Max, is 2 years old and was just recently diagnosed with Autism, and we realize how difficult the journey is and what you have overcome. I have read your letter aloud to him and pray he understands every single word and realizes that one day he can beat this. So, on April 1, we too will light our house up BLUE and urge President Obama to stand with us in support of our children with autism.

    Karla Bloomfield NJ

  26. That was a wonderful letter. I fully support the White House being lit up blue. I have an 11 yr old with aspergers and it is hard explaining his behavior at times.
    Please, Mr. President, light the White House blue!!!!!

    Thank you,

  27. I’m a proud mother of a child with autism and I stand with when I say light the white house up blue

  28. I’ll light my house up blue I know its not the white house but imagine if all of us touched by austism lit up our houses blue almost every house on every street would be lit up

  29. Hi Wills:

    I have read your book and you are amazing! Thank you for writing to the President. I think that your cause is very important. I am the mom of a 15 year old young man who has autism. I am also a special ed teacher and know the challenges that people with autism face. I think that people with autism deserve this special day and lighting the White House blue would make the day even more special. Good luck! I hope that you get your wish.

  30. Wow. What a great letter! Mr. President, please light the White House blue in honor of my son, Wills and all the other kids and adults who struggle each and every day. Thanks!

  31. Wonderful letter Wills!!! I sure hope President Obama receives a copy and hears your words.

  32. good for you kid , i hope we all see a blue white house april 1st good luck too you and your goal

  33. It would be amazing to see the white house lit up in bue lights to display support!

  34. You go Wills! Maybe you can get through to the President. Let’s all tell him, Light the White House Blue!!!! Autism effects everyone, lets help make it go away!!!

  35. Awesome letter Will!! =)

  36. Dear Wills,

    Your letter touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you for writing so eloquently and passionately about Autism. I am very proud of you!


  38. What a wonderful idea Wills. I agree it would mean a lot to all the families who live with autism if the president stood with us and lit the white house up blue.

  39. Says it all. I loved the puppy mill ps. So wonderful.

  40. please!!! light it up blue!

  41. 🙂 i will light light on my porch blue … i found a string of them in a closet the other day and now i know why! thank you Wills!
    much love and it was so nice to meet you when your Dad was at Montclair. G!

  42. Dear Wills,

    Your letter really touched my heart. I teach children classified with Autism at a private school. They were so excited to hear that you wrote a letter to the president! I hope the president grants your wish.


  43. Amazing. How can anyone deny such a simple request.

    Let’s see that WHITE House light up BLUE!

  44. Mr. President,

    I do hope you will follow this wonderful request. I am hearing more and more that suddenly everyone is “autistic” as a new fad. It is not a fad. It is very real. I have a father that should have been diagnosed such but in his time they did not know about autism – he is 86. My daughter is 18, is diagnosed with it. As a child I never really understood my father and his behaviors, now I do through learning about my daughter. I wish we could have known then what we know now.


  45. I am taken with Wills’s letter just as much as I was your book two years ago which I gave to a parent who has a son with Autism. Wills’s letter is wanting me to Light Up Blue Too! Go Wills~

  46. Everyone and anyone needs to e-mail the President and have our kids voices be heard! LIGHT it up BLUE Mr. President! You did it green.. You can do BLUE!

  47. Blue my favorite color I stand with you.

  48. Well said Wills!…..I don’t see how the president not light it up blue after he reads your letter. Please Mr. President light it up blue!!..let the whole nation know about Autism Awareness..and that early detection makes a world of difference…

  49. Mr. President,
    I read on the internet today where you are supporting autism awareness but the posts are from 2 years ago. Please do this simple thing to show you have not changed your stance.

  50. Love it!

  51. My daughter is autistic and hates puppy mills too. Maybe ya’ll could be friends on facebook. I think it is important for autistic teens to connect with other autistic teens. Also great good expressing your feelings! I know that is hard. Take care- Rosie

  52. Dear president light it up cause i’m autistic too show us you care . you know thers alot of us in the world and we need to know you got are back too .

  53. My 4 year-old son had PDD, so I am right there with you. Would love to see Obama do something the people that actually matter. Good luck Wills!

  54. What an inspiration!

  55. Please light the White House Blue for autism. I work with autistic kids and they are some of the most beautiful and interesting people I have met..show the world that we love and care about them. Thanks!

  56. Dear President Obama that would be such a good gesture to light up blue on the 1st and 2nd of April it will mean alot to all of us who are struggling with autism please take it in consideration thanks from the Mendoza’s family

  57. Yes!! Please light the White House blue for autism. We just got the diagnosis for my youngest grandson.

  58. As the mother of a 9 y/o amazing and courageous boy, I beg you to light it up blue. So much effort and money goes into presidential meetings and the handling of foreign diplomats and visitors. The presentation the White House shows its guests is very important because the world is watching. We’re asking to change the light bulbs. That is all. Change the light bulbs. 1 in 110. How can anyone argue with the importance of this issue? p.s. Thank You Wills, for being an inspiration to me and my son! God Bless! 🙂

  59. I would Love to SEE The White House light up on Autism Awareness Day. I have a 13 year old son that has autism. Please help spread awareness by doing this. Thank You

    Tami Mock

  60. As a mother of a 13yr. old autistic son myself agree with you light up the white house and everybody’s house out of respect to the children and their families (lord know we struggle and need support)the children are our future help them out just for the day or whole month. April is autisim awareness month!

  61. Wills,
    If I were the President, I would certainly be moved by this letter and would have your mom send those lights right away!
    We are very proud of you Wills! Evan just read your letter and was very impressed.

    We love you- Hollye and Troy and Evan and STITCH, too!

  62. Please Mr. President, do it for those with Autism and those of us affected by Autism.

    Wills, you are an inspiration!

  63. Wills…you rock ! Keep doing what you’re doing.You are definitely helping to spread awareness. We will be lighting up blue here in Pittsburgh and hope President Obama will too !!!

  64. This letter is beautiful and an inspriration to those of us with younger children on the spectrum. I hope someday my son can express himself as well as you Wills!

  65. A very heart warming letter

  66. Please light up the white this April 2nd blue! it means so much to this young man as it does to many others! my son who is 6 years old is autisic and in any way I can help support him and everyone else out there Im going to do so. Please light it blue this year! Thank you

  67. My son is 4 and Autistic and the saying that says “Autism isnt so bad, but your ignornace is” is very true its very hard for people to look at him and see that hes Autistic so they just think hes a very bratty little boy, when the truth is hes a very special little boy who just has problems communicating and dealing with the world around him and if you don’t expose him to that world he will never learn how to navigate within it. So please join us in lighting the world blue by lighting the White House Blue and show your support for Autism and how important Autism Awareness is not only to the families who face the stares and glares and said puposly just loud enough for you to here them comments on a daily basis, so that by the time my son is old enough to understand what those bad looks and cooments mean there hopefully wont be nearly as many people making them 🙂 so heres to a brighter and BLUER tomrrow, lets light the world up blue!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Inspiring letter Wills! President Obama should read your letter and then I don’t know how he could turn you down. I write on the White House blog everyday asking the President to light the White House blue for autism awareness. Maybe your letter will change his mind Wills! I hope so for you and all the other children that are struggling with autism. Other buildings all over the country will be lighting up blue and so will I.

  69. Wills, I hope Mr. Obama lights his house blue…I know I am going to light mine blue for my very special friend.

  70. Peace and love in this blue note.

  71. Fantastic. The President would more than likely be honored to light up the white house blue after receiving this letter. Congratulations, WIll, on a job well done.

  72. Dear Mr. President:
    If you light up the White House in blue lights, we’ll light up our swell house all in Blue lights, for Michael Price & autism!

    Best and warm,
    Amy Ferris
    Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328

  73. oops….ooops…. i meant WILLS PRICE. I will light up my swell house for “WILLS PRICE & Autism” if you light up the White House.
    I got a little overwhelmed writing to the President.

  74. Wills, this is a brilliant idea. We support you 100 percent. Also, we’d like to know where to buy blue light bulbs because we’ll be happy to use some in our house in your honor on World Autism Awareness Day. Can you tell us when it is?
    Hope to see you soon!
    Hope, Uzi, Maya and Eden

  75. I would Love to SEE The White House light up on Autism Awareness Day. As a mother of a 2yr. old autistic son myself agree with you light up the white house and everybody’s house out of respect to the children and their families (lord know we struggle and need support)the children are our future help them out just for the day or whole month. April is autisim awareness month!

  76. Wills you are such an inspiration! I loved your letter and so did my 13 year old son (who has autism)! I hope you two can meet one day… Thank you for writing this letter and speaking from your heart. We will be lighting up Blue at our house and hope to see The White House lit up blue in all it’s glory!!!

  77. Wills,

    Thank you for having the courage that some of us rarely have to ask for and being such a brave voice for the large diverse population on the very broad spectrum that have Autism. You’re letter is truly remarkable for such an awesome cause that have touched so many at very different times in their lives.
    I am also pleading that the President will take your letter seriously and light the White House blue for you, my sons and everyone else who has, knows and loves someone with Autism.

  78. Wills ~ I am very impressed with your letter! You did a fantastic job! Keep up the good work.

    Mr. President ~ Please Light It Up Blue! Help Us Shine a Light on Autism!

    1 in 110 people are affected with Autism (just under 1% of the population!

  79. Dear President Obama,
    Please grant the wish of this young teenager along with millions of others with Autism and/or Aspergers and light up the White House in blue. My wonderful 19 year old friend has Aspergers and is one of the sweetest, most polite and endearing young men I’ve ever known. Please enlighten the public about this illness in order to increase funding for more research. On April 1st, please let us call your home the Blue House! Thank you, Sir!

  80. wow…what a truly handsome boy!! Just gorgeous!! If I were President : ) I would be so moved by this letter..I might just PAINT the White House Blue for a week!!!! May your request come thru..and all of Washinton DC bask in the blue glow of such a fantastic cause!!!

  81. Mr. President,
    My family adds our hope to those of Wills and his parents – we respectfully & sincerely request that you “Light The White House Blue” along with the many other historic places around the world in support of those with Autism/Aspergers.
    My son age 14 has Autism and it would mean alot to us, the population of our great nation and the citizens “Smitten w/the Mitten” in Michigan to show your support. Please help us to shine the attention on our childrens plight by flipping the lights on our great White House to blue.
    Best Wishes to you and your family in our nations capital.

  82. I couldn’t think of better reason to light up the White House blue. To show America that Autism is a very serious matter and that the parents and children both need help in dealing with the daily functions of life. AWARENESS…AWARENESS

  83. […] out Light The White House Blue and add your own […]

  84. I have a 6 year old son on the Spectrum. Please Mr. President , light up the White House in BLUE on April 1st. 2001

    • correction…..2011

  85. Wills,

    What a fabulous letter! I am so happy to hear about the wonderful progress that you’ve made. I can only imagine how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. I know my daughter works harder than anyone I know, every single day.

    I hope the President is listening, Wills. For you, for my daughter, for ALL of us affected by autism.

    All the best to you,

    Diary of a Mom

  86. […] with autism.”  To read Wills’ letter and to learn more about his struggle with autism, click here.  To find out how to get involved in World Autism Awareness Day, visit their […]

  87. Wills, my friend, I absolutely loved your letter. Like your mom, you are a very talented writer–keep it up! I really hope that President Obama takes your request to heart. And since I can’t figure out how to light up my building in New York City, I’m going to wear all blue on April 2 instead to show my support. Love, Trish

  88. Please Mr.President, do it!
    I work at Therapy Connections of South Texas in Corpus Christi, Texas. We love to teach,help,and educate the general public with our services, PLEASE support your part in educating the WORLD on Autism!
    Monica Jimenez-Brown

  89. Will, you are a great self-advocate and an ambassador for other children with autism. Thank you for speaking up and out.

    Dear Mr. President,

    I hope you read Wills’ message and help shine a blue light on autism.

    Mike&Ollie: 24-weekers Who Beat the Odds

  90. […] Babble He’s 13. He has autism. And he’s asking the Obamas to light the White House blue. He is … (personal note: prior to starting Ellie Bellie Kids with my mom and sister, I worked in early […]

  91. Out of the mouths of babes! Mr. President please light it up blue!

  92. Yes Mr.President please light up the white house in blue, I have two kids on the Autism Spectrum, I plan on lighting my front light in blue for the whole month of April.

  93. Will,

    Your letter says it all. I will be thinking of you and the Blue White House on April 2, for it is blue in my mind now after reading your letter!

    God bless. Keep up the good work. You have reached many of us.

    Mike Carson

  94. My family showed support for you..now please show support for my family!!
    Light the White House….BLUE!! (: Thank you Mr. President!

  95. Dear Wills, if I knew how to make this email blue I would. I think your letter is wonderful, and I know your mom can send off those blue lights and get them there faster than ever. I hope the Presidents gets your letter immediately and order the whole staff to change the lights. I am one of the lucky ones who has met you, your mom, dad, and your dogs. I love what you wrote and hope that he does something about the puppy mills too. Sometimes it takes longer than one wants because the President is so so busy but I know at some point the white house will be lit blue!

    Thanks you Wills for writing this letter and making us all aware and reminding us to learn to understand that which is special and unique, for honoring your friends and helping them too. It takes one voice and then many voices join in. You are that special voice. Thank you. Jeanie

  96. Will and Monica,

    What a wonderful letter! We totally support the urging the President to light up the sky. Two very close couples have children with autism and they are deserving of all the support in the world!

    Much love,

    Molli and Arthur

  97. Wills,

    Please know that you have certainly made a difference, already. Although my little girl is too young to read this, you’ve given her mother hope to see the things you’ve overcome. I’m so happy you wrote this letter! I think you’re amazing and when the White House is blue, I will be cheering for you.

    Kara Wilson

  98. Thank you, Wills.
    Mr. President,
    Please support Wills and what he struggles with everyday. Light it up Blue!!

  99. Please Mr. President light up your house too!! Autism will soon touch all American families some day. What a great way to show you care too!

  100. We support our First Family and hope President Obama will ‘Li It Up Blue’ on the White House during April.
    We love our 5 year old son and appreciate everyone who is uniting to raise awareness for AUTISM.

  101. For the millions of family members and thousands of individuals impacted by autism, I ask that you consider showing your support and “Light It Up Blue” and encourage others to do the same.

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